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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hello Ladies & Gentleman I hope you are all well.

We are pleased to announce Supreme March employee of the month, Gedd Bostock.

This Gentleman is one of the most hard working , loyal, kind, thoughtful humans I know .

Gedd you thoroughly deserve this & we are privileged to have you here @ Supreme Team.

Below just a glimpse of the feed back Gedd gets every time he EM's an event ...

Gedd Bostock – 10/10 on the EM quiz 😊.

All updates were sent through WhatsApp even though Gedd was working alongside his AH, this kept everyone up to date with what was happening. He consistently reminded the team of their key messaging and worked alongside them on street where possible. The SM commented.

“'Team were very good at engaging with the community, smashed it with all the events. Really positive feedback from everyone".

The reporting was great with almost all feedback being sent directly to the client.

He ensured a high amount of images were taken with permission forms completed – we really do need him to train other staff members on how to carry this out as he seems to do it with such ease!

Well Done! 23/21.

Massive thanks from us all at Supreme Team & from all the staff who love working with you .

You really are a superstar Gedd!

Sue and Supreme team


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